These guys are amazing. I had a major repair to pay for and no money to pay for it. They worked with me, gave me a loan and I was back on the road in a few days making runs and making money again. Thanks, guys.

Rick M.Eastern Ontario

I was almost maxed out with my bank account and credit card. EZ Repair Loan gave me a loan to pay for my truck repair. I’m glad that they were there to help me.

Igor B.Maple

I was stuck in Kingston with a blown engine. I couldn’t find the money to pay that huge bill. I checked the internet, found EZ Repair Loan and told them my situation. Within a few days they paid the shop for my engine repair and I was back on the road. I recommend EZ Repair.

Wayne R.Colborne, Ontario

Great help to truckers! No one else is offering loans for repairs. They paid my repair bill with money I didn’t have available. I tell all my buddys about these guys.

Steve K.Mississauga

I have my own repair shop in Mississauga. I used to let customers put their repair on account but I was always chasing them to pay. EZ Repair Loan came to see me and told me about their loan program. I tried it with a few customers and it was easy. Now I only take cash and credit cards. No more running accounts. If customers want credit, I send them to EZ Repair Loan.

A. K.Mississauga

We had a new customer who did not have the funds available to cover his in-frame repair. We put him in touch with EZ Repair Loan who sorted out all of the details. We received payment in full deposited directly to our account on completion of the work. The process was painless and easy, I have already forwarded another customer to them.

DavidLondon, Ontario

I now have done two repair loans with EZ Repair. As an owner operator with a few trucks on the road, they really help with my cash flow. I highly recommend them to any owner/operator needing to overcome significant repairs to their equipment.

Peter L.Barrie, Ontario

I was stuck out of province with a big and unexpected engine failure. I could not afford the downtime and needed to get back on the road quick. EZ Repair approved my request and paid for my repair allowing me to get back on the road within a couple of days. I don’t know what I would have done without their help!

Brian W.Calgary, Alberta

EZ Repair helped me during a very difficult time. The repair loan allowed me to keep my business running and eased my cash worries. I used them on multiple occasions for both repairs and acquisition assistance. I really appreciate what they did for me.

Dave W.Brampton

I was working in Saskatchewan and had a major breakdown. On the road I could not secure funding anywhere else. EZ repair came though when I needed it.

Ken M.Manitoba