Equipment Repairers

mechanic-working-on-truckExtended terms for your customers on us!

An equipment repair dealer may be asked quite often by their cash or net 30 customers for longer payment terms. We have found with our dealers that many good quality, existing customers would like to have their repair amount spread over several months, for cash flow purposes. In order to optimize shop time and not turn away business from valuable customers, we offer your customers the opportunity to participate in our EZ REPAIR LOAN® program.

Our loan to your customer will entirely cover the repair invoice amount so you will receive 100% of the invoice amount the same or next business day. We allow your customer to spread his payments for his repair up to 12 months. This allows equipment owners the ability to cash flow their major repair bill and to get back to work as soon as possible. This provides you, the repair facility, with incremental work and revenue, fewer walk away job quotes and an on-going positive relationship between you and your customer.  Most importantly there is no cost to you as a repair facility to participate in this program.