Fleet Owners

truck-driver-commercial-accountsSpread your repair payments up to 12 months!

Fleet owners can take advantage of our equipment repair loan program that pays for the repair of your Owner Operator’s truck. This not only minimizes downtime but puts the responsibility for the repair cost with your Owner Operator. Don’t take the financial risk for repairs or the additional processing to withhold funds from your Owner Operator to pay back the repair you financed. Let us manage the risk and processing for you.

For Fleet owners with company owned equipment who would like longer than 30 days to pay for your own equipment repairs, we have our Extended Terms program option. With this program you are able to spread your payments for your repair up to 12 months. This allows fleet or equipment owners the ability to cash flow their major repair bill particularly if you have multiple units needing repairs at the same time.

Also talk to us about pre-approving your entire fleet of equipment for future maintenance or repair work.